About Daniel

Daniel is an entrepreneur and business owner who got past management roadblocks and worked himself out of a job by applying EOS.

Daniel Moshe, Certified EOS Implementer

A Stuck Entrepreneur

Daniel Moshe is a founder, entrepreneur, speaker, and by all counts a business success. But, he didn’t always feel that way.

If you’re an entrepreneur, then you understand this. The external success of a company isn’t an accurate depiction of the internal struggles that go along with entrepreneurship.

Daniel has lived that. His company, Tech Guru, continued to grow year after year. But, he felt stuck. He said it felt like “two people in a canoe, one person facing one direction and the other person facing the other direction. We were rowing, no doubt, but in opposite directions.”

Working Himself Out of a Job

When Daniel discovered EOS®, he had the opportunity to change himself and Tech Guru for the better. Applying the Six Key Components of EOS® gave him a clear path toward achieving his goals.

The fundamental change in how he treated himself and his business had clear benefits. The traction tools put everyone in sync and made day-to-day decisions easy. Things felt like they were back on track and manageable again.

Today Tech Guru doesn’t run, it sprints. EOS® has freed Daniel to focus on the work he loves and the things he cares about. Now he works for passion instead of survival.

An EOS Implementer™ That Cares

Daniel has walked the road you’re on. He understands the frustrations of being an entrepreneur held back by the organization they’ve created. He wants to help you.

After seeing how EOS® transformed Tech Guru, Daniel took the step to become an EOS Implementer™. He not only uses EOS® to manage Tech Guru, but he teaches other entrepreneurs to benefit from the same process.

If you want an implementer that understands your challenges, talk to Daniel.

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"EOS has provided the structure and tools to help us take control of our organization, and Dan's guidance and mentorship as Implementor has given us the confidence to do so!"

Allison Wasz, Agency Director, Macleod & Co.

"Whereas we used to just go by our gut instinct, EOS is helping us solve issues and get to the next level by making strategic and purposeful moves all the while having more confidence in our decisions."

Tracy L Call, CEO, Media Bridge Advertising
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