A 10% Return

When I was at the Entrepreneurial Masters Program (EMP) in Boston, I was presented with a crazy new idea. The concept was to donate 10% of the services provided by my outsourced IT solutions company, Tech Guru. Of course, we’ve all heard of donating some percentage of revenue or profit, but writing a check has always felt empty to me. I get that we are still making an impact, but it feels a little unfulfilling. So when I heard this idea, I was taken aback. I presented the idea to Tech Guru’s president Micah Thor who was immediately on board.  

The context here is that a few years ago, we did a Non-profit Technology Makeover Challenge, inspired by the Nerdery’s Website Tonight Challenge. We invited nonprofits to apply and we selected the one in which we felt we could make the biggest impact. We provided the organization with one year of technology services, all at no cost to them. Our team loved this and the non-profit we selected, Duluth-based Life House, was grateful for our contribution. We did a case study with them at the recent Nonprofit Technology & Communication conference last year.  

We are doing it again! Please share this link with financial-focused non-profits you know that could benefit from a tech makeover and aren’t already Tech Guru clients. Our goal is to get up to 10% of our services donated to non-profit organizations in Minnesota.

You’re probably wondering why we would do something like this. Our first non-profit makeover confirmed that our entire team loves to give back and serve our community. What better way to do it than by helping make a difference through enabling technology? Our goal is to make this gift sustainable, which is why we will donate 10% every year and work with non-profit organizations for the long haul. At Tech Guru, we employ almost exclusively millennials. Not to over-generalize, but they love to get behind a cause and as a team, we can accomplish so much more and make a much bigger difference.  

I’ll share more about our 10% initiatives as they develop, and I hope they inspire you to consider doing the same with your company!

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Tracy L Call, CEO, Media Bridge Advertising
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