The Impact of Caring

At the most recent “State of the Company” meeting at Tech Guru, the outsourced IT solutions company I started over ten years ago, I was deeply moved by the extent to which our value of Care is being lived throughout our organization.  

But first, you’re probably wondering: What the heck is the State of the Company?  Well, we run EOS at Tech Guru and as such, every quarter we get the entire team together for the State of the Company. The agenda is simple: where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going.  

Where We’ve Been

We share our leadership team goal completion over the past quarter (talk about accountability and transparency!).  We also share any key metrics and big accomplishments for the past quarter.

Where We Are

This is where we do our core values shout outs.  

Where We Are Going

We share any updates to our Vision/Traction Organizer, particularly our new set of rocks, and any updates to the niche, purpose, marketing strategy, and 3-year picture.

The magic happened during the core values shout outs. In a little bit of a surprise to me, Tech Guru’s president Micah Thor shared that I had exemplified our Care value by supporting him through a bit of adversity that he’d experienced recently. Micah was followed by another team member, saying that Micah exemplified our Care value by supporting him. And then another team member stated how that first team member had supported him in a significant and meaningful way.  

Needless to say, we all felt really supported even as we went through life’s ups and downs, and I was deeply impacted by how my caring for Micah lead to this chain reaction of our entire team feeling supported and cared for.  

I’m so grateful for our team and the amazing work that they are doing. I’m also glad that we re-started our State of the Company meetings and started doing core values shout outs. This was definitely the highlight of the quarter for me.

In case you’re wondering how to do core values shout-outs, whoever has something to share saying something like this: “shout out to [name of person] for [core value] by [what he/she did that exemplified the core value]”. That’s it! It doesn’t hurt to write a few down ahead of time to get them flowing, especially the first time. Try it and let me know how it goes!

"EOS has provided the structure and tools to help us take control of our organization, and Dan's guidance and mentorship as Implementor has given us the confidence to do so!"

Allison Wasz, Agency Director, Macleod & Co.

"Whereas we used to just go by our gut instinct, EOS is helping us solve issues and get to the next level by making strategic and purposeful moves all the while having more confidence in our decisions."

Tracy L Call, CEO, Media Bridge Advertising
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