Daniel Moshe Puts You Back in Control

If you’re tired and frustrated with your business, or feel like everyone is pursuing their own version of the vision, then Dan can help. His public speaking engagements provide practical ways to help you take control of your business.

Dan’s Speaking

“You must focus on ends rather than means. Rivet your attention on that spot where you are to land. Once you do that it’s almost as if you magnetize yourself to the ways and means involved and the methodology for getting there. Solutions begin to appear. Answers come to you.” – Price Pritchard

Are You Running Your Business or Is It Running You?

Dan spoke at the AWFS Fair on July 20th, 2017. He discussed a common problem: business owners feel like they’re losing control as they grow. How can they deal with the increase in people and departments?

Dan found himself in a similar position in 2014. Implementing the EOS Model™ in his business gave him the time, freedom, and control he needed to get through these rough times. Dan shows you how to harness the power of EOS® in your business and gain control over your future.

Hands-on Workshop: Scorecards

“If you were on a 6-month sabbatical and only got a set of numbers once a week that gave you an absolute pulse on your business, what would those numbers be?” This is how Dan starts his Hands on Workshop on EOS Scorecards™. In 90 minutes, he helps the audience develop one of the most powerful EOS® tools and start using it right away.

In this workshop, Dan helps you stop looking in the rearview mirror and discover the metrics that will give you a roadmap to a better future.

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"Whereas we used to just go by our gut instinct, EOS is helping us solve issues and get to the next level by making strategic and purposeful moves all the while having more confidence in our decisions."

Tracy L Call, CEO, Media Bridge Advertising

"EOS has provided the structure and tools to help us take control of our organization, and Dan's guidance and mentorship as Implementor has given us the confidence to do so!"

Allison Wasz, Agency Director, Macleod & Co.
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